This all began when an animated Allison spotted my animated HydroStream on the home page.  Needless to say, my animated boat took him on and the race can be clicked on below.  After that followed other races.

Note:  These are cartoons and just for fun!  I enjoy all high performance boats and no disrespect is intended.   If you own one of the other brands and feel you might be offended, then don't watch!  A HydroStream is going to win every time in my animated world.  Thanks to the anonymous good-natured "victims" who allowed me to use their pictures.



Race #1 Mark Casper's V-King vs White Allison
Race #2 Rich Owen's Vector vs. White Mirage
Race #3 Brian Goldsmith's V-King vs. STV.  New software for this one. Make sure you watch it on a computer with a sound card! This program is big and takes awhile to load completely. You may only see incomplete parts of it and may not see the complete movie until it has cycled through two or three times. I think it's worth the wait!
Race #4 Dave Casper's Vegas vs. Halberstadt CL.II. No, not a boat, but a WWI airplane! Same setup as above. Give it time to load!
Race #5 Balzy's HST heads down south to visit with the "By-U-Boyz". Same as #3 and #4: you may only see parts of the movie until it fully loads. Walk away for 5 or 10 minutes to let it load, and then watch it. First frame is "It's a typical day...".  And need a sound card for full effect!!

Race #6

A special race for the upcoming holiday (Christmas, 2000). Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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