DIY Medallion Pickup Replacement –

Design by: Anthony S. Santocono and, Mark Hettwer PBCC

Fabrication by: Mark Hettwer, PBCC

Drawings & Renderings by: Mark Casper, IHR, PBCC

This project is a remedy for those who have destroyed numerous Medallion Speedo Pickups. The design utilizes a stainless steel pickup (Gaffrig type) with no kick up feature. The designs main purpose is to reuse the existing Medallion hole pattern therefore eliminating any re-drilling. (We all like that!). The pitot has been used on several "V" bottom, HydroStreams and a Stoker. The results have been successful with no "optimistic" gains made. All could claim the same reading as the OEM Medallion. Best of all the pitots have worked well with no breakage…, maybe just some bending! Although there is no kick up feature, the design does allow vertical adjustment, which is a plus.

PLEASE NOTE: The drawings and DIY project are intended for recreational and entertainment use only. This site and the designers of this project assume no responsibility for misuse. The project is also not intended for any commercial gain.


3/8" diameter stainless steel brake line

7/32" (or similar) stainless steel plate

7/16" I.D. stainless steel tube

¼" O.D. stainless steel brake line

For a source for SS tubing, check a McMaster Carr catalog. Their tubing comes in diameters up to 1/2" and in 12" lengths: 304 is $3.94/12" stick (any size) and 316 is $8.57/stick.  They list a web site at

Fasteners and fittings

2 - ¼ -20 x ½" SS hex head bolts

2- ¼ -20 SS hex head nuts

¼" Parker (or similar brand) compression fitting with barb on other end for (typical) 1/8" ID tubing


¼-20 Tap and tool


Hack saw to cut SS

"Good" Pipe Bender


Assorted wrenches and screw drivers


Ability to weld stainless Steel


(SS = Stainless Steel)


Make tight 90° bend in 3/8" dia, brake line, cut to length as noted. Note: some AE hulls and XT hull may require longer cut length, as these hulls tend to lift higher out of the water especially with cleaver type props.

Weld about 1" length of 1/8" dia pipe onto non-bent end of 3/8" brake line.

Place lower portion (approx. 4") with bend into a vise and compress until pitot is about 7/32" in thickness. (Put aside)

Sharpen leading edge of pitot opening.

Cut pitot base plate to size and pre-drill attachment holes for hull mounting.

Cut pitot sleeve (7/32" ID pipe) to size.

Weld pitot sleeve to pitot base plate.

Drill and tap ¼-20 holes into pitot sleeve as noted

Fasten ¼-20 nuts onto ¼-20 bolts and thread into pitot sleeve.

Slide pitot tube into pitot sleeve and snug in place with ¼ -20 nut and bolt assembly.

Attach compression fitting to top end of pitot.

Fasten to hull with existing Medallion screws and good Marine Silicone.

Attach Speedo line

Go have some FUN!

Base.gif (11930 bytes) Tube.gif (7763 bytes) Pitot3.gif (7559 bytes) Pitot4.jpg (45515 bytes)
Pitot Base Dimensions. Pitot Tube Dimensions. Pitot Assembly: wireframe view. Pitot Assembly: rendered view.