Fix'n a Vixen  Part III
By Scott Hraska


            After a ton of grinding and fiberglassing it was time for some finishing bodywork and paint. My father and I brought the boat over to Ronnie’s house for a paint job.


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 When we got there I thought the boat was just about ready to paint. Boy was I wrong! I wasn’t even prepared for all the sanding that we had to do to make the boat look good when painted. After 2-3 weeks of rough sanding (80-100 grit), Ronnie worked his magic for the finishing bodywork. He didn’t want my father or myself to even try to help because he would just have to go over it again (which was true). At first I didn’t understand really but I soon realized how perfect the boat must be before paint.

day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0001.jpg (35341 bytes) day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0002.jpg (41856 bytes) day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0004.jpg (60848 bytes) day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0005.jpg (54945 bytes)
day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0006.jpg (47581 bytes) day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0008.jpg (53059 bytes) day one 9-28-02 (sat.) top of boat0009.jpg (41318 bytes)

It was about 2 more weeks before Ronnie was ready to paint the bottom. My father and I stood outside the garage and watched as the blue metal flake was sprayed on.  It looked so amazing, finally I knew all my fathers hard work, Ronnie’s, and my own would be paying off in the near future.

started on the bottom at ronnies..0001.jpg (50389 bytes) started on the bottom at ronnies..0002.jpg (35263 bytes) started on the bottom at ronnies..0003.jpg (78694 bytes)
sanding bottom after spray fill0001.jpg (70964 bytes) sanding bottom after spray fill0003.jpg (53761 bytes) sanding bottom after spray fill0004.jpg (56679 bytes) sanding bottom after spray fill0006.jpg (41808 bytes)
final sanding after primer0001.jpg (55712 bytes) final sanding after primer0002.jpg (41728 bytes) final sanding after primer0003.jpg (33077 bytes) final sanding after primer0004.jpg (43220 bytes)
final sanding after primer0005.jpg (16185 bytes) final sanding after primer0006.jpg (38365 bytes) final sanding after primer0007.jpg (58916 bytes) final sanding after primer0008.jpg (47119 bytes)
starting to paint the bottom0001.jpg (46231 bytes) starting to paint the bottom0002.jpg (46235 bytes) starting to paint the bottom0003.jpg (35876 bytes) starting to paint the bottom0005.jpg (43152 bytes)
starting to paint the bottom0007.jpg (43093 bytes) starting to paint the bottom0008.jpg (50966 bytes) starting to paint the bottom0006.jpg (70630 bytes) bottom is finished!!0002.jpg (79146 bytes)
bottom is finished!!0003.jpg (65212 bytes) bottom is finished!!0004.jpg (72252 bytes) bottom is finished!!0005.jpg (82417 bytes) bottom is finished!!0006.jpg (104026 bytes)
finished bottom20001.jpg (80524 bytes) finished bottom20002.jpg (70921 bytes)

Once the bottom was all painted and cleared my father and Ronnie’s each grabbed one side of the boat and I grabbed the nose and we just picked it up, flipped it over and placed it back on the trailer. Ronnie did a little more sanding and then sprayed the top metallic blue also. He called it “dumpster paint” because his friend was throwing it out after sitting on the shelf for like 10+ yrs. It worked awesome though and came out great!

full boat painted!0001.jpg (59988 bytes) full boat painted!0002.jpg (72208 bytes) full boat painted!0004.jpg (73231 bytes) full boat painted!0005.jpg (66083 bytes)
full boat painted!0006.jpg (46531 bytes) full boat painted!0008.jpg (60614 bytes) full boat painted!0009.jpg (71781 bytes) full boat painted!0011.jpg (66456 bytes)

My father and I towed the boat home to put the floor in and begin rigging.

painted and back home0002.jpg (89643 bytes) painted and back home0003.jpg (97619 bytes) painted and back home0004.jpg (95937 bytes) painted and back home0007.jpg (86696 bytes)
painted and back home0009.jpg (74403 bytes) painted and back home0010.jpg (80703 bytes) painted and back home0012.jpg (84179 bytes) painted and back home0013.jpg (106001 bytes)
painted and back home0014.jpg (83301 bytes) painted and back home0015.jpg (97734 bytes) painted and back home0016.jpg (83652 bytes) painted and back home0018.jpg (69533 bytes)

We also added little braces in-between the stringers to make the boat even more rigid. The floor was glassed down over the stringers and then covered with 2 layers of bi-axial fiberglass.

installing the floor0001.jpg (66847 bytes) installing the floor0003.jpg (64165 bytes) installing the floor0007.jpg (79311 bytes) installing the floor0011.jpg (61854 bytes)
installing the floor0013.jpg (70378 bytes) floor painted, and grab bars -installed-0001.jpg (39982 bytes) floor painted, and grab bars -installed-0002.jpg (43671 bytes) floor painted, and grab bars -installed-0003.jpg (55638 bytes)
floor painted, and grab bars -installed-0004.jpg (45595 bytes)

Once everything was dry I painted the inside of the boat with outdoor paint just to make sure its all sealed up nice. After that we started on the wiring. That took about 2 ½ weeks to complete to what I thought was good.

trim and bilge pics0001.jpg (47380 bytes) trim and bilge pics0002.jpg (41533 bytes) trim and bilge pics0003.jpg (50796 bytes)

We had an idea of a windshield that we made out of some thick paper. I went out looking for some lexan shops but found I didn’t have enough $$ for it. I ended up using just tinted Plexiglas. My father and I (mostly my father) made a skeleton mold to form the windshield with.

frame and starting to bend0001.jpg (33639 bytes) frame and starting to bend0002.jpg (55526 bytes) frame and starting to bend0003.jpg (48209 bytes) frame and starting to bend0005.jpg (43444 bytes)
frame and starting to bend0007.jpg (53022 bytes) frame and starting to bend0008.jpg (76688 bytes) frame and starting to bend0010.jpg (64337 bytes) frame and starting to bend0011.jpg (57595 bytes)

 I borrowed a pair of my neighbor’s fireman gloves and stood in front of our 110,000btu kerosene heater with this sheet of Plexiglas and some gloves.  (Keep in mind this is in the middle of the winter in NY - temps were in the low teens).

bending almost done0001.jpg (56614 bytes) bending almost done0002.jpg (84512 bytes) bending almost done0003.jpg (68151 bytes) bending almost done0004.jpg (73079 bytes)
bending almost done0005.jpg (73357 bytes) bending almost done0006.jpg (87563 bytes) bending almost done0007.jpg (60182 bytes) bending almost done0008.jpg (53825 bytes)

 Once it got nice and pliable I would run over and push it over on the mold. I repeated this process for a few days until I liked the shape. Next was the trimming and fitting. That took a week or 2 just because it’s so hard to make it fit the curved shape of the vixen’s deck. Once it fit nice we screwed it down and sealed it on with 5200 black marine sealant. I love the way it came out and really think it gives the boat a “sleeker” look.

cut to the shape0016.jpg (89090 bytes) cut to the shape0017.jpg (42676 bytes) cut to the shape0019.jpg (56699 bytes) cut to the shape0020.jpg (50146 bytes)
cut to the shape0021.jpg (52157 bytes) cut to the shape0022.jpg (77894 bytes) cut to the shape0025.jpg (43912 bytes) cut to the shape0028.jpg (56788 bytes)
finished! with out trim though0002.jpg (42485 bytes) finished! with out trim though0004.jpg (52138 bytes)

 Next up was the carpet. We went to Home Depot a few weeks earlier and ordered up 12ft of charcoal grayish carpet. Once it arrived we began fitting it so there was the least amount of seams possible. Once the carpet was cut and fitted it only took about ½ hour to glue down. We were originally going to carpet the transom, the transom knees and the back of the boat but decided it was not needed.

The original molding inside the boat was missing a 2 ft section. We couldn’t find a match for it so instead of using push molding we decided to use aluminum and rivet it up. It only took one night for that and it came out better then I expected.

molding0002.jpg (301814 bytes) molding0003.jpg (295591 bytes) molding0006.jpg (309410 bytes) molding0008.jpg (297887 bytes)

day b4 the first run just need to start motor0008.jpg (64844 bytes)Back out to Ronnie's the boat went to get the final rigging. Once the boat was out by Ronnie's again the holes were drilled and the jack plate was mounted. Then taken off and sent out to be powder coated. In the meantime, the holes for the steering were cut. When I went out to Ronnie's one day I found all my wiring laying on the floor. It turns out that he didn’t like it, but that’s fine with me. Its OK though because the wiring job he did is 10X better then mine. Now I know how to do it next time J.

Just about all that was left was to cut down the lower unit, and find a way to make the midsection fit. I bought this mid (2cyl) off ebay for $40 and thought it was perfect. It turns out that Ronnie had to mill the top off that one, and the top of one of my 3 cylinder mids and then re-weld the 3cyl top on the 2cyl. mid. This was because on 2 cylinder motors there is a different bolt pattern on the power head. I gave Ronnie a bunch of aluminum and he welded up an AWESOME looking snout off the back of the mid (really sounds cool).

midsection pianted!0001.jpg (50762 bytes) midsection pianted!0003.jpg (38103 bytes) midsection pianted!0008.jpg (41561 bytes) midsection pianted!0010.jpg (36255 bytes)

at ronnies starting to hang motor0016.jpg (61550 bytes)Over the winter my mom and her friend re-covered the seats I acquired from b4 the first run just need to start motor0002.jpg (69828 bytes) They did an amazing job with the white pleats and blue stripe down the middle- it's just what I wanted J so while my dad and Ronnie were wiring up the last bits on the motor, I was bolting down the seats and the gas tank.


at ronnies starting to hang motor0006.jpg (55988 bytes) at ronnies starting to hang motor0003.jpg (52247 bytes) at ronnies starting to hang motor0007.jpg (74861 bytes) at ronnies starting to hang motor0002.jpg (68945 bytes)
at ronnies starting to hang motor0012.jpg (40405 bytes) at ronnies starting to hang motor0013.jpg (43975 bytes) at ronnies starting to hang motor0014.jpg (47470 bytes) at ronnies starting to hang motor0019.jpg (82973 bytes)

it runs!0005.jpg (60150 bytes)Eventually it was time to start the engine and man did it sound like crap! I know it’s an OMC and all but still…something wasn’t right. We took the boat out and I couldn’t even get up on plane, but the trip was successful because I wasn’t towed in!  We found out that the hi-speed jets were clogged shut, which is why I had no power at all. We re-built all 3 carbs and took the boat out again. It got on plane but still had a lot of trouble doing it...and still sounded really flat…. like it was losing power somehow??

day b4 the first run just need to start motor0006.jpg (70107 bytes) day b4 the first run just need to start motor0010.jpg (66262 bytes) day b4 the first run just need to start motor0013.jpg (53388 bytes) day b4 the first run just need to start motor0014.jpg (90085 bytes)

With the suspicion that the motor was sucking in water we pulled the head to find that indeed water was leaking in. We moved on to the exhaust cover. It turns out that ALL 3 gaskets were junk and the motor was sucking in tons of water. After replacing all the gaskets the motor ran AWESOME. I saw a top speed of 56.1 on the GPS first day of testing.

2437270-R1-028-12A.jpg (95975 bytes) first time out3.jpg (101211 bytes) first time out4.jpg.jpg (100695 bytes) 2437270-R1-032-14A.jpg (77122 bytes)
first time out6.jpg (57075 bytes) first time out8.jpg (57049 bytes) 2437270-R1-034-15A.jpg (65208 bytes) 2437270-R1-036-16A.jpg (91362 bytes)
2437270-R1-048-22A.jpg (72202 bytes) 2437280-R1-042-19A.jpg (71980 bytes) 2437280-R1-044-20A.jpg (85010 bytes) 2438780-R1-034-15A.jpg (46402 bytes)

After messing with the motor height and some props, the best I’ve seen is 60.4 mph on the GPS. The first prop was a cleaver I bought off Ebay for $50 - it’s a solid hub OMC cleaver (dimensions unknown) and it turned about 6500-6700 rpm. The most recent prop is a cut down V-6 chopper that’s 13 ¾ X 26 with a good amount of cup; I turn that prop to about 6000 at 60.4 mph. Keep in mind this is only with an old junky 1985 70hp that was used on a 2000lb Boston Whaler for years before I got it from my uncle. I can’t wait to get some real power out of this baby!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress J


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