Drift'n with Pip Introduction


I'm Jerry Tuott, and I live twenty miles north of Minneapolis, in the frozen state of Minnesota. 

The very first time I saw a Vector at Luther's Marine, where I was employed rigging boats, I got an incredible adrenalin rush.  That was 27 years ago when I was fresh out of Anoka Tech Small Engines School.  I have had a hankering for one of these wild-looking rascals ever since.

I test piloted one of these new Vector's with my supervisor in Centerville Lake one day with a 115 Merc that we had just rigged.  We launched the boat and Mark Levasser gave me permission to take the wheel.  My high performance blood took over my brain with the "hammer down" instinct. I was trippin' on the "chine walking" we were experiencing as the nose went higher and higher and higher until Mark reached over and chopped the throttle and said, "Out of that seat.  This motor isn't even broke in!"  I was hooked on a feelin'.

Well, this brings me to 26 years later, to the Spring of 2003,  with $2000 in my pocket and my eyes set on a Vector.  My son, Ron, found for me a '73 Viper with a '90 Mariner.  Three days later Ron and I pulled that sweet little thing home with my Ranger pickup.  Seeing it in the rear view mirror --- what a high that was!

I had gotten to know this guy about 4 years before getting my Viper.  He and I worked on cars together in my garage (which should explain my high performance bent).  During a conversation one day, the subject changed to boats, and I mentioned that I had this burning passion to some day own a  high performance boat - a Hydrostream Vector in particular.  This guy tells me that he used to build these boats and I ask him, do you mean repair them? He said, "No, I designed and built them."  I think to my self, Pipkorn/Hydostream?  I know the man that built my dream machine, and here he was standing here in my garage.  Scrape me off the floor! This may sound extreme, but that is my temperament.  When I get excited, I get excited. 

After making a dozen or so, "white knuckle" runs, we would shut the engine down and Pip would lecture me on the engineering aspects of the interaction of air and water effects on a flying vessel.  I soaked up like a sponge what seemed like a lifetime of hands-on experience and development, all the time drifting as a gentle breeze carried us into a patch of bull rushes.

This leads me to the Hydrostream Registry.  Last summer I was looking for information about Hydrostreams on the internet and stumbled onto the Registry.  I tried to register my Viper and as I was pretty new to the internet. I must have done something wrong and it never went through.  I tried again in February, noticing that the Registry had been updated and not receiving new registrants.  So, I tried through the Tech Talk avenue to contact someone to try and register or find out why I couldn't.  Mark  Casper, himself, answered me with an email, saying that he would personally register me.  At that time I told Mark that I regularly spoke with Howard, and that I wondered if he wanted to hook up for some Hydrostream history.  Of course, Mark went wild at the thought, and over the course of three weeks I finally got them hooked up.

I offered to do interviews with PIPKORN for the Registry and call them, "Drift'n with Pip...".    Howard and I have had a few of these in my Viper and him in his Virage on a local Minnesota lake.   Since Howard and Mark have both consented, here I am.

Streamin' high,

Jerry Tuott

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