7 Liter Inboard Hydroplane...                                  Dave Casper 
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Dave Casper owned and successfully raced this Grand National Hydroplane which was the last one built by renowned builder Jon Staudacher (now builds world class aerobatic airplanes).  It was 23' long and 11' wide and was powered by a modified bow tie Chevy with a dry sump and magneto ignition.  It was direct drive to a custom Merc cleaver and used VP racing fuel.   The cockpit was reinforced carbon fiber with a 5 point restraint harness.
The trailer was custom made and hydraulically tilted the boat on its side when trailering.   It had dual axles, built-in tool boxes and fuel tank, and a generator.  It also had fold out work platforms with ladders. The entire trailer was covered with diamond plate.
The boat was raced in the Northeast and Canada.  Top speed was apx. 150 MPH if the straight was long enough (had to slow up some for the corners!).  These boats have to be taken in and out of the water by crane.  Dave won quite a few races and was featured on ESPN a number of times. Perhaps one of the highest compliments was when a music group used a picture of Dave racing (almost identical to this one) and used it as the cover of their CD (sold nationwide)!