1984 Stoker...                                                  Dave Ray

Still Stok'in

I had been looking at a STV Euro Sport after my previous boat, a 1980
Horizon with a 1990 Bridgeport Carb started to twist the transom apart, but
the financial controller in the family quickly put an end to that desire. I
was aiming for something capable of triple digits.  I'd looked at a few
Hydrostreams and Pro Comp STVs but the hulls available at the time were out
of my price range and for the most part had very small interiors. I like to
go fast but I still want to take the gang tubing and skiing.

I came across a 1984 Stoker in an acquaintances' garage, he had traded it
for engine work with another individual whom had purchased the ex ModVP
circle boat. It had a meager interior and numerous holes in the transom from
a variety of outboards and transom hardware which at one time or another had
been attached to it. The top had been painted white with the god ugliest
pink and baby blue strips down the side. The Hi Performance Mercury dealer
I'd dealt with for a number of years was familiar with the boat and believed
it was one of Chip Watkins old circle racers and it had not been used very
long. The boat was extremely light (although I have to admit I've yet to
weigh it) but the deck is so thin if you walk on it you'll go through it.
This being the boats biggest draw back according to my wife since she can no
longer sun bathe on the deck as she had on the previous boats we owned.
However I was soon to resolve that as an excuse for not buying it by
installing a sun deck. This boat has the through hull mounting holes for a
complete capsule but there was not one with it. I'm told the second owner
had put a center seat into it, a bench across the back and drove it a few
years in the late 80's. Other than that it had sat in his garage collecting

When I picked up the Stoker it had Dual cable steering that was seized, a
full set of instrumentation, Aluminum fuel cell, aluminum battery box. The
hull was in good condition other than a number of holes for cables in the
engine well. As I mentioned the transom was inundated with mounting holes
but there was good news, miraculously the transom for the most part was dry.
The boat had no false floor and I did not intend to add one.

So began the restoration project of what was and is my first real tunnel
boat. I say real since if you're familiar with a Horizon it was originally
designed as a jet boat and had a bottom looking very much like a cross
between a V-bottom and a tunnel., about half way between.

The Winter of 95 and spring of 96 saw me sanding, sanding and did I say
sanding. This was the worst part. I had hoped to get it in the water for the
summer of '96 but this would not happen. Between out first child and cash
flow for an interior the boat would not see the water until the summer of

The boats first incarnation was with a 1990 2.4 Bridgeport. Fresh from a
rebuild by Ted Gryguc at Speedmaster marine. This engine worked great on the
Stoker pulling 7100 at top end with a lab finished 14 1/2 x 28 Chopper.

The second year (1998) saw it with a brand new 1998 2.5 SS bolted to the
back. This combination has yet to see its full potential. A summer full of
fuel problems and trying to get it dialed in left me exasperated but not
defeated. After installing an Offshore ECU I've been able to turn that same
14 1/2 x 28 lab chopper at 8200.

1999 sees me dry docked. Unfortunately I'm on a work assignment in Chicago
and I'll not be wetting the boat this year, however the summer of 2000 is
quickly approaching. I've met some new friends on the HydroStream registry and
the ScreamandFlyBoard . I hope to see some of you out on the water in
2000. Try signing up for the performance Boat Club of Canada. They offer
fantastic poker runs for the whole family or for the pilot who want an
opportunity just to keep the pedal down awhile.

Please feel free to drop me a line at 847 576 2329

Summer 97
1984 Stoker, 1990 2.4 Carb. Bridgport CLE gearcase, Merc  14  1/2 x 28 Lab
finished Chopper 7100 at 91 MPH. Stalker.
See my nose cone article (on the PBCC website) for details of this setup.


25 ss1.jpg (52152 bytes)25 ss2.jpg (88164 bytes)25 ss3.jpg (54994 bytes)
Ted Gryguc at Speedmaster Marine had just finished
installing and rigging my new 1998 2.5 SS


Anthony Dave.jpg (40318 bytes)Kaw2.jpg (29367 bytes)Rice lake1.jpg (31998 bytes)
This is my first Poker Run at Rice lake with the
Performance Boat Club of Canada (PBCC). My friend Anthony Santocono is tied
to me. At this time I had my 2.4 Carb. Bridgeport mounted.


Firefox.jpg (48697 bytes)
This is me helping Ted Gryguc of speedmaster launch his 24
Skater with twin 2.5 Merc Offshores. Can any one say "Simply the quickest"!


Kaw1.jpg (55250 bytes)Kaw3.jpg (60166 bytes)
This was the 98 PBCC Kawartha Poker Run, my first run with
the new 2.5. It was not even broken in, I had to keep the RPMs at bay, talk
about torture! To add salt to the wounds I also killed my battery and had to
be towed into the last card stop. That weekend I was thus initiated to the
EFI battery killer association.


Stoker1.jpg (30159 bytes)Stoker3.jpg (29550 bytes)Stoker4.jpg (30076 bytes)Stoker5.jpg (37367 bytes)
This was me prepping the bottom of the Stoker in my
garage removing a lot of small dings and the like.


Stoker10.jpg (31789 bytes)Stoker9.jpg (31440 bytes)
I had to cover the top of the Stoker with plastic to ensure
I didn't spill the Blue Polyurethane paint I used to paint the interior and
the Epoxy I finished the top of the tunnels with on the exterior paint.


Stoker11.jpg (32266 bytes)
The finished product about ready to have the fuel tank


Stoker12.jpg (36494 bytes)
Summer of '96 hull finished waiting in my garage for the
interior to be completed (A.K.A me to have enough money to pay for it!).


Stoker13.jpg (34157 bytes)Stoker14.jpg (36134 bytes)Stoker15.jpg (31152 bytes)Stoker17.jpg (38254 bytes)
My 2.4 installed on my hydraulic power lifted from
my previous boat (the Horizon). The installation is not complete yet notice
there are not engine cables installed yet. This is in the winter of '96
since the interior is now in the boat.


Stoker16.jpg (31019 bytes)
Summer of 97 in our new house getting ready for the Muskoka
Lake poker run. Notice the expensive boat number in cool masking tape. Man
did I receive a lot of razzing over those. I did not get the graphics
package until spring '98.


Stoker18.jpg (38968 bytes)
Graphics package installed at Speedmaster marine by Gary. This
is about one week before I decided to buy the 2.5 since if you notice the
2.4 is still on the boat!


Stoker2.jpg (32622 bytes)
Plugging up all the holes with Epoxy!


Stoker6.jpg (43886 bytes)
Summer of '96 freshly painted I tried different plastic seat
molds to see which type I preferred. My son decides to try the boat out!


Stoker8.jpg (53720 bytes)Stoker7.jpg (35255 bytes)
A little worried about the transom I installed a Stainless
Steel transom plate them mounted the CMC hydraulic lift on it. I ended up
taking the CMC pump off the external mounts and mounting on the interior for
a cleaner finish.


view_side small.jpg (76407 bytes)
Me at the Lake Kawartha Poker Run for the first run with the
2.5 SS.


Zack.jpg (39455 bytes)
My copilot Zackary ready for an early spring run. He doesn't
like the noise so we have to make modifications!

o  o
Dave Ray