Fun Cat

This boat has no identification at all, but it appears to be a 13' Fun Cat with a 90 HP Merc.  Thanks to Pete DeLucia and Virus for identifying it.  Pete, who has owned one, says these can be a real handful at high speeds and some people do rig them with substantial power.  According to Pete, high speed runs are smooth even in a chop, but the back of the boat fishes around slightly, and the ride can be wet at times.  This hull was raced in the early '80's with little success due to its high speed limitations.  Coming off a high speed run, the Fun Cat will often catch a left sponson resulting in a possible barrel roll.  Apx. weight is 325 Lbs.  Baja made a 10' version of this hull called the Scat Cat.  Dave Casper spotted this boat for sale on a recent trip to Miami.