GW Invader...                                           Mark Casper

Though many may not consider this a hot boat, it sure seemed to be one to me when I was younger.  This much is for sure: it was a lot of fun!  This 10' boat was manufactured in Sharpsville, Indiana with production beginning in 1967.  It was rated for 55 HP and 2 people at 150 lbs.  Hull was a very shallow V-bottom and seats were either 2 buckets or a single bench seat.  You could purchase these hulls in a variety of unique colors - kind of similar to the old Tucker automobile if anyone knows anything about them.  Some colors were blue, red, yellow, lavender, orange, aqua, and two-tone.  When you purchased the boat, you were given a GW Invader patch and t-shirt!

The lavender Invader seen above was purchased new by Rick Casper in December of '67 as a '68 model.  My blue one was purchased used - an early '70's model (can't remember the exact year!).  Rigged with a 50 HP motor, top speed was somewhere between 50 and 60 MPH, depending on whose speedometer you believed!  These boats were great fun in turns - they would just slide, even at full speed.

We owned a few of these!


My crazy brother Dave...his sanity has always been questioned! Naturally, he had to put a 65 on his Invader while the rest of us had 50's.