Ken Warby...           Successor to Spirit of Australia


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Ken Warby
The Worlds Fastest Man on Water

The Record
317.60 mph / 511.11km/h
8th October 1978
"Spirit of Australia"
Blowering Dam
NSW Australia

Refer UIM certificate (Click Here)

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And if you think that's fast, Ken is about to have a go at breaking his own record, some 20 years later!

Ken has built a new boat with 50% more power.  His first record breaking boat, "Spirit of Australia", was powered by a 6000 horse power Westinghouse jet engine.  The new boat will be pushed along by a 9000 horse power unit.   Ken, at the frisky age of 60, is about breaking his record. He thinks that 20 years is too long for a record to stand, and is plenty of time for all the "Gunnas" of the world to do something about breaking the record.  Ken has built the new boat based on his experience of what works.  The new boat is not that much different to the "Spirit" in design.

Ken has finalized the construction of the new boat that was built in his garage in Cincinati USA.  The new boat was pronounced complete on 23rd December 1999.  Now that construction is final, Ken will start his campaign for sponsorship. Ken has stated that there is only one way this record attempt will be run, and that is professionally.   Trials of the new boat will commence once a professional team and sponsorship are organised.  It is most likely that the boat will be run at Blowering Dam - NSW Australia.  The record attempt will be run by Dr. Bob Apathy, the same man who project managed the Spirit runs in 1978.


Ken and Dave are preparing for a fight with the British challengers who intend on running late this year.  Ken is quite happy to sit back and let the Brits have a go.  It will be much more fun taking the record from someone other than himself. That is if they can get that far.

Ken has fired up the new boat!  Soon ken will have the boat in the water for initial trials.


The above is reprinted from Ken Warby's website ( with Ken's permission.