Above chart was from 1979.


Ron has 3 records in HydroStreams:

   2 Hour Family E class U.I.M. World Record. This was set in a Viper with a 1972 Evinrude 65 HP Triumph three cylinder. Set in 1973, it was never broken. Averaged 52 MPH during the race.

   Sport V A.P.B.A. Kilo straight away record with an Evinrude Strangler (hi-perf V-4) on a Vector at 87 MPH.

   V-Production record with a Viking powered by a stock 235 HP Evinrude at 89 MPH.

   Note: Ron went out to try to break the J-Production record with a 135 HP Chrysler on a Viper - stone stock, no power trim allowed, no nosecone. The world record at the time was 80 MPH and the APBA record was 82 (the person who set the APBA record decided not to pay the substantial money necessary to have the world record recorded). Ron ran 81 MPH. The rules stated that in order to break the world record, you must also go faster than the APBA record, so Ron ended up with neither record.

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