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These great pictures came from Pat Brown taken back in the old racing days of HydroStream. Click on the thumbnail for a full view.

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Mississippi River, St. Paul, MN. Ventura I Chris Bush in a Vixen getting it a little high. Alabama, Marathon Nationals Top boat (#128) was Howard Pipkorn's Vixen with fiberglass add-on to make it 15' & legal for J-production class Peg Sullivan's Vixen (husband Tom seen on Tarantula page) Vixen that collided with Allison shown in next photo That mean ol' Allison!
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At a race Pat Brown's brand new Ventura only 2 weeks out of the mold - photo taken at Hydrostream factory Hydrostream yard. Viking race boat, Howards personal Ventura, and a Vector Inspecting at Nationals J-production at Alabama Bush's Vixen
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Bush's Vixen # 49: Gary Duncanson's Vixen; #303: Bush's Vixen Bill Johnson's Ventura Bill Johnson's Ventura Viper in Alabama Bush's Vixen in Alabama
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Holding Bush's Vixen for LeMans start FS class (Family Ski). Like J except neede 2 people, more weight. Venturas always won this class FS class 2 Hydrostream boats out of race: Pat Brown's boat is starved for gas & would not run; Bill Johnson hit a buoy & ripped his turn fin off - he is slowly sinking Another shot of the 2 boats Vixen at local race
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Jim Wood's Viper. VERY light - blew over a lot! Vixen and Viper Brown's Ventura & Wood's Viper Viper getting ready to go in Alabama Bill Johnson's Ventura getting ready in Alabama LeMans start in Alabama
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Chris Bush's Vixen and a Viper A Vandal A damaged tunnel hull Another view A Ventura II Hydrostream's rescue boat
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Pat Brown's Ventura I