In 1994 after the closing of the doors of Canadian Edition, and several years removed from the demise of HydroStream, production continued on under the name of X-Stream.  Essentially, X-Stream was simply a continuation of Canadian Edition with Jim Tucker running the operation in the beginning.  Even the ZJl hull ID system remained intact.  The black plastic rub-rail was retained and there were only slight construction differences which were more a result of the natural evolution of boat building than anything else. The beam spec. for the V-King/Valero for example: X-Stream shows it to be 1" wider than it used to be.  I believe this is because the cap now used an overlap connection with the lower half instead of the old butt joint connection.

A couple of dealers were set up in the U.S. where they were marketed and a number of X-Streams made their way throughout the country. X-Stream literature showed the following models available: Mini Voo-doo, Voo-doo, Vision, Valero, V-King, Vista, Vegas (V & XT), Vantage (V & XT), Voyager (V & XT), and AE-21. Some fine examples prowl the lakes and rivers of today.