Mike Balz's '91 HST with '96 Merc 2.5 200 EFI


"Balzy" owns this gorgeous HST which just might have the nicest paint job on any HydroStream in the country.  Balzy's hull was originally purchased from Fort Fremont in Fremont WI.  Bruce Nagel who owns "BOATEC" did the custom paint job.  He owned the boat at the time.  It was originally yellow, orange, pink, and purple.  Nagel is a master at paint and gelcoat.  The interior was also redone at that time, probably 1991 or 1992. To the best Balzy can gather, the hull was owned by 3 people before he got his hands on it.

Balzy bought the hull and trailer from a private seller in the spring of 1997.  It included hotfoot, dual cable steering, dual trim in wheel, Bob's Hydraulic jack plate with 6" of setback and 2" spacer blocks for a total of 8".  Balzy rigged it with a new 1996 2.5/200 EFI with a new factory CLE gearcase.  He put solid mounts and a G-Force tuner in it at the end of summer in 1997.  This picked up 150 RPM.  He had too much fun driving it to do any more setup work in the summer of 1998.

During the winter of 98/99 Balzy took it to Gene at G-Force.  He put in G-Force reed cages and Balzy6.jpg (66799 bytes) reeds, blueprinted 35.5 cc heads, pulled the exhaust liner, and drilled the exhaust leg.  This picked up 250 RPM.  But best of all, it was enough to get the hull to start working and airing out better.  It yielded 6 1/2 MPH!  That brought the slippage down from 10.02% to 6.40% with aCustom setback bracket built by Balzy Merc 14 1/2 x 28 chopper.  Very impressive! Balzy ran it for a short time and then built his own 8" stationary setback bracket.  This brings it to it's current total of 16".  This rebalancing of the hull helps it air out better with neutral trim and carries four people better.  It also allowed him to run with the motor jacked up a lot higher.  Depending on the prop he runs, he has been able to run as much as 1 1/2" above the pad.  This helped top end some also.  The above motor mods and setup changes have increased the top speed by 10.1 MPH on GPS since he bought the boat.

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