Jack Bobin...1984 Ventura II with Evinrude 140.


I have lived in Washington state all my life and have grown up around lake boats since I was a child.  My grandfather had a cabin on a lake in northern WA.  My family's first boat was a Bell Boy with an Attwater outboard, then we graduated to a 1972 16ft Tahiti with a 120hp Mercruiser.  Next was a 1978 Bell Industries 16 ft Tahiti copy with a Merc 470 (170hp) motor.  This boat was a fairly fast 50mph and got me really interested in boats as a teenager.  My father sold the boat and bought a more appropriate Bluewater Mirage, rather unexciting to me.

I went to college and ended up working for US Marine Bayliner as an Industrial Engineer.  I was inspired by the Nitro and Arriva line of boats under their Corporate umbrella.

However it was one day on the lake, at sunset, when it appeared.  I saw the white roostertail in the shadows...A Vector with an inline Mercury 150.  It was blue and sleek and I I was hooked.

Hydrostreams are not common in this corner of the nation.  As I got older and had more buying power, I looked and looked for a used Hydrostream, to no avail.  3 months ago I saw this unique little boat (1984 Ventura II) parked in a dusty gravel lot near my house.  The minute I saw that it was a Hydrostream, I called the owner and he agreed to meet me there the next day.  I then took the For Sale sign off the boat and drove home.  I got the boat for $2800.

I was in for a treat:  rotted soft subfloor, leaking old fuel tank in back, rotted seats and seat bases, instruments did not work, 2 screws actually poking through the bottom of the hull, no bilge pump, 1 deck cleat and a trailer that could barely make it down the street.  (I wish I had read the articles on the site on what to look for...).  Overall, I could do all the work myself.  The best thing was the hull core was in great shape, the transom was strong and the 1984 140hp Evinrude was a runner.  This was a boat that had original motor and rigging, and trailer. A fair deal.

So I took the boat home, repaired the subfloor, made new seat boxes and re-glassed it all.  I installed great SPARCO racingBobin4.jpg (90683 bytes) seats (they are non-stick!).  I tuned the motor, repaired and replaced most everything and finally waxed and polished it all.  The trailer got new wheel and tires, wiring and lights, and new paint.  Overall I put about $1,000 total into it, including the ancillary items (paddle, vests, ski rope, etc)

Bobin3.jpg (98750 bytes)The boat turns heads and is a great topic for conversation on Lake Washington.  The Lake is 10 minutes from home, however it can get real rough with the yachts and such.  The Hydrostream is a kick in the pants out there, but it takes a firm resolve when the going gets tough (Exactly the reason I installed a 600gph Bilge).  There are days when I leave the boat safely at home....

It pulls quick and hard to 60mph with a 23pitch x 12 3/4" OMC Aluminum prop.  It could likely pull 65mph with a 27 pitch.  It chine walks (scary) due to the single push/pull steering system and rubber engine mounts.  I am learning to drive this little beast.  My wish list would include a dual cable steering system, foot throttle and solid engine mounts.  A big Merc hanging on the transom would be even better....

Jack Bobin


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