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Mark Hettwer’s 1997 VEGAS XT with 1994 Mercury 200 ProMax


Mark’s boat was one of the first boats built with the new HydroStream construction techniques. This included all glassed huge knee braces, all glassed full stringers and custom fitted (between knee braces) inboard tank.

Some of the custom features on this Vegas are the "near" center seating and no ski locker or drain hole in splash well. Mark’s theories are that there are less holes in the boat that may attract rot. In addition, the outer sponsons have a floor over them. Again Mark thinks this is better for housekeeping and it keeps water from collecting in the small sponsons. You will also notice that the strips down the side are thinner than normal. Well done John Spaithe.

This is Mark’s second Vegas so he powered it with 200 ProMax that was on his 1994 Vegas. The big difference is that he has added 14 ½" (CMC 5 ½ Hydro on 9" CMC static, all anodized black) of setback on this one. The setback does not aid the top speed but really helps to "lever" the boat when he is loaded. Mark claims with 4 adults and 2 teenagers , he can run 75 mph.

Most of the time Mark swings a 14 ½" x 32" labbed Cleaver, at 6100 rpm netting him about 88 mph on his Gaffrig Speedo. This is still Mark’s best prop as he has tried some 28" and 30" round ears. However, they do not run as efficient as the high-rake 32 cleaver. He also has a 14 ½" x 30" lab cleaver he uses when he has a load in the boat.

This boat just looks down right fast when you see it going across the lake because of it’s large size and the generous lift it gets.

Submitted by Mark’s buddy

Anthony SS.

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