Mike Hurst's '76 Vixen with Evinrude 75


I bought my Vixen new in June of 1976.  I was told it's the last production boat out of the mold; boy would I Love to verify that fact.  I originally rigged it with a 1976 Evinrude 55 H.P.  I worked at a dealer at the time so
it was the only motor that I could afford at the time.  The first time out I had a 19 pitch prop and that was as MHurst7.jpg (60621 bytes)high a pitch you could get for that engine.  Well, it was not enough to keep the rpm's down in a safe range - it would run well over 7000's rpm's.  I sent the prop to get as much cup and pitch change as possible with an aluminum prop.  It came back as a 21 with a huge cup in the trailing edge.  This worked fine.  I ran the boat like this for two years, then a Buddy of mine was selling one of his E-Sport tunnel boats and offered me the 75 ss that was on the boat, so we could go racing together.  It was a instant sell.  I raced the boat for a couple of years in APBA E-production Region 6.  It was fun racing but my wife wasMHurst12.jpg (78033 bytes) pregnant and other things were needed to spend money on.  Over the years we have used the boat on limited occasions.  I've thought of selling a few times but my wife won't let me.  She's one in a million.  So we boughtMHurst5.gif (152804 bytes) MHurst6.gif (155616 bytes)another Hydrostream to use as a family boat (I told you she's one in a million).  So we now have two Streams.  The Vixen is pretty much today as it was when I bought it except the motor change.  I runs 65mph on gps with a 12-3/4 X 23 cleaver.  I just purchased a Silverstreak - looks like a mini SRX prop from DAH to try to run on it.  I never regret buying the boat...I've meet a lot of nice people over the years because it's so unique that people stop to look at it and they can't believe that it's over 20 years old. 

My Thanks to Mark Casper for bringing the family of HydroStream boat owners together through the website.

- Mike Hurst

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