Jeff Williamson's 1991 V-King with Yamaha 200


Jeff purchased his boat July 8th, 1999 around Midland, Ontario.  The boat was in great condition and came with a foot throttle, dual steering, 200 HP Yamaha with nose cone and an Ez-loader trailer.  He ran the boat for that season and decided an unstable 78-80 MPH was not enough.  In late March 2000 his project began.  The project included replacing the soft floor, carpet, steering, small amount of engine work, adding a jack plate, new gauges and complete re-rigging of every inch of wire, nuts and bolts.


jwllmsn8.jpg (61571 bytes) jwllmsn9.jpg (73964 bytes)
The back half of the floor was soft, but as Jeff cut the floor out he ended up replacing a full 8 foot section of floor.


jwllmsn10.jpg (67557 bytes) Jeff has a best friend (James Lewis) who works in the fiberglass shop at Hot Knots Marine, so the installation of the new floor was made easier.


jwllmsn11.jpg (59447 bytes) The old style of rigging, just the way it used to be...


jwllmsn12.jpg (80997 bytes) ...and the way it should have been rigged including: manual CMC jack plate, Bob's
2" spacer, Graffrig Speedo Pick-up, Bob's above water exhaust outlet and
reworked nose cone.


jwllmsn13.jpg (73791 bytes) The old barely adequate rigging, including horrible Hy-Lex steering.


jwllmsn14.jpg (54074 bytes) The complete new set-up: lightened cowling, new reeds, T6 transom plate
(tie-bar set still to come).


jwllmsn15.jpg (74127 bytes) The old ugly dash...


jwllmsn16.jpg (56589 bytes) ...and the new improved dash, Graffrig II gauges with red hardware including:
steering wheel and hub, bezels and grab handle.


jwllmsn17.jpg (63324 bytes) The way the boat used to run (needing a lot of trim) and unstable with one person.


jwllmsn7.jpg (43877 bytes) The way it runs now.  It runs well with 2 people, but even better with just the driver.  The re-rigging included moving the battery and oil tank to the port side.  Very little trim is needed now, with prop shaft even with the pad bottom.  There is no walking to speak of.  The motor is now turning 6600 RPM and has quite a bark.  It spins an over-cupped 28" Yamaha Drag prop. The speed now (Graffrig II Speedo) is 90 MPH.


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