Alan Knight's 1978 Vandal with Johnson Eagle 175.


Here is one of the nicest Vandals you will ever find.  Alan Knight out of Monroe, Louisiana is the original owner, and this hull is in fact one of the very first Vandals out of the mold.  Even though age, fast running, and always being over-powered took its toll, the deck and hull integrity never once failed.  The hull has never cracked and needed to be glassed.

Knight10.jpg (187264 bytes) Knight11.jpg (62077 bytes)

Because its appearance was starting to suffer, Alan decided to refurbish the boat.  He sanded down the original black with sunburst deck, and repainted with yellow.

Knight12.jpg (63439 bytes)
The above photo shows the roughed out interior awaiting stringers and gel work.

Knight6.jpg (50272 bytes) Knight9.jpg (84558 bytes)

In these two pictures, full length mahogany stringers were installed with new 1-1/2" balsa laid in the pad area.  Black gelcoat was floated with a clear finish.  Hull weight was a light 275 lbs before rigging and ended up being around 800 lbs rigged with the OMC Eagle V6 and with the driver onboard.  Nice small bucket seats were made by Noah at Eagle One Performance out of Florida.

Knight1.jpg (72333 bytes) Knight2.jpg (99771 bytes) Knight4.jpg (92837 bytes) Knight5.jpg (76894 bytes)

Alan runs a 29" SRX and says the boat handles like a go-cart.  Even his 9 year old son has safely driven it alone at 60+ MPH.  As the photo on the right shows, even 90+ MPH rigs are good for pulling skiers too!

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