Engine Dies

After 15-20 minutes of running around the lake the motor cuts out, hesitates, and dies. I fire it up later at home, runs fine on all six. Switch boxes and trigger replaced a year ago. Last night I took off what I think was an over rev limiter mounted on starboard top side engine block, it hits on all six and sounds good. It"s a 1990 2.4 liter Bridgeport with no modifications.



I'll try this in two stages. One if you have an EFI and the other if it's a carb. The EFI's sometimes can have an ECU that will quit after so much time. Kind of like it has a mind of it's own. The Stator can do this but most of the time when they die , they stay dead. The fuel pump could be getting tired or the filter is restricting fuel. If the fuel pressure is not right on an EFI the motor can die. 

Carb motors are more simple. Since you replaced the trigger and switch boxes, I'd lean toward the stator. The odds of all six needle seats in the carbs malfunctioning is slim. One last thing to look for is the electric harness. A friend of mine would have his come unplugged every time he'd turn sharp right. Straighten it out and it ran. 

                                               Hope you find the problem.



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Mark C.


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