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I sent you a while back my question and just noticed that you did respond to it.  It was as follows:

I have a 1973 Forester that is 16'6" long.  It currently has a 1977 Johnson V4 115hp outboard on it.  I have no idea what model this boat is, what the max hp is, weight, or anything.  I know you are a Hydrostream site but I figured you see a lot of other fast little boats and may have an idea.  I could also send you a pic if need be.  I am also having trouble getting speed out of it.  I was told when I bough it that the PO got pulled over on the lake for doing 61mph.  When I first got it it seemed very very fast but seemed to drop off as time has gone by.  Now that I have a speedo I only get about 35-38mph out of it.  I am planning on putting 140hp carbs on and seeing what that does.  Please send me all the info that you can about this boat of mine.  I love the hull and it really handles like it is on rails with the trim in the bottom hole.  Thanks    Zach 

I have run some of these boats. The 61 mph figure is most likely very optimistic. If you do not have power trim, get it. This is most likely why you are stuck in the mid 30s. Forget the carbs, nothing will happen. Trim it out and you will get 50ish out of it.

    Now I am wondering if you remember any more technical info on these boats?  Anyone you know still own one?  I ended up putting the 1 3/8" carbs on with boysen reeds and a jack plate and now can see about 48 with just me in it.  I am currently in the process of installing the bubble back exhaust and grinding out that section of the engine to help the exhaust work better (basically make it the 135hp version).  I am also running a 23-24P OMC SRX.  No power trim as the one that I was told would work did not fit my motor (now I need to machine my own holes in the mounts to make it work).  I can run it in the second from top hole for the trim and it flys fairly well but I think with the power trim I could get even farther off the water.  Thank you so much for replying and as I said if you could send me any more info or steer me in the right direction to get more info on my forester it would be greatly appreciated.  I weighed the boat at work on the semi scale and it said 1600lbs with the motor and the trailer?  That seems a little high?  Thanks     Zach


The SRX is what 90% of your equation is. Those motors get real finicky if you do all those mods. The trim will help. But make sure the bottom of the hull is straight, flat and smooth. There is more speed there than is left in the engine dept.




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