Hydrofoil Opinion


  What's your opinion on hydrofoils? I've looked at a lot of pictures on this site and very few boats, especially vectors have one. Is there a handling problem or something I'm not aware of? I've always been told that a hydrofoil is a major plus to boat performance.

             Thanks Brady



Personally I don't like the things. For everything they improve they cause another problem. We have worked on a shape for drag boats that doesn't affect top end like the Std. hydrofoils do. The surface area above the prop makes the boat run flat from the tail lift at the prop wash hitting the plate. The shape we worked on has most of its surface area ahead of the prop to negate this effect. A Vector is one of the boats that could use this shape very well. I will try to post this plate on tech talk and our web site (www.gpiracing.com). 




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Mark C.


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