No Low End Power

Hi Randy, 

My 88 Venus 225 Merc was turning a 14.5"X 28 pitch quicksilver solid hub chopper. It always had a poor take off but once the nose came down it had good speed, but the RPM was 300 less than WOT specs. I needed more power on the bottom side so I bought a Michigan Ballistic 14.5"X 26 pitch prop. Now the boat labor's bad, and on the low side will struggle just to get up and moving, again once under way the speed is good and now the WOT RPM are very close to 5800. The RPM would come up as it was designed to do with the solid hub but I don't see this with the new prop. The new prop has vent hole's drilled on the leading edge of the blades from factory but they are only about 1/4"dia and I don't have the rev up at take off. Will it help to open them up and allow more exhaust pressure over the blades or did I purchase the wrong wheel?




You’re not going to like this but the Ballistic prop is like putting a tractor tire on a Ferrari. It works, but poorly. Eighty-six that prop and get a 25 or 26 small hub Merc Trophy 4 blade. The top speed will be right there and the hole shot is very good if not exceptional. I think you'll be pleased.




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Mark C.


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