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I've just purchased a 77 Vector with a 80hp Mercury inline 4. Unfortunately I live on a lake that only permits 40 hp and sometimes a 50~60 if you can pull it off.  I plan to use the boat for the occasional skier/tuber and mainly just to cruise around the lake.  I currently also have a 15 foot Bayliner Capri but plan to sell it.  Everyone on this lake has a Bayliner except for one fellow who has a Viper.  I fell in love with the boat when I first saw it.  No amount I offered was enough so now I'll be the second person on this lake with the most awesome looking boat I've ever seen. Most folks here also run the 40 or so hp Yamaha motor.  My goal is to find a 40 hp motor for here and when I go to the bigger lakes in the area slap a bigger motor with the same control setup and then go FAST.  There is no one in this area ST Louis MO who does much with 40 hp the only really well known builder here is Seebold racing and they aren't interested in that small of
a motor.  My question is .... given the goal of two motors that reasonably quickly interchange what would you recommend.  When I go to the big lake I'd like the boat to run at least 70mph.  Given what I've read about the boat it seems capable of much more and I get the impression it takes years of experience to master speeds approaching 90+.  Any ideas....

Thanks in advance




A 40 hp, even a modified 40 hp, would be pretty pathetic on a Vector.  I doubt it would go 30.  I would suggest getting a 115 - 150 hp for the Vector, and set it up properly.  To derig and rerig the boat would take way more time than what it is worth.  I would keep the Bayliner for that lake, and concentrate on a pretty trick Vector.  I don't mean to disappoint you, but anything less than a 70 on the Vector is not much fun.  You could try
putting 40 decals on the 80 hp.  I doubt anyone would know the difference. The newer motors are so much larger than your inline 4.  I would give it a shot.  If you decide to upgrade the Vector with more power, let me know and we will set you up right.




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Mark C.


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