Setup Struggles


I have a 2004 PRO 205 with a 200 Mercury carbureted, 24 Tempest Plus (worked), 6 inch Hi-Jacker jack plate, drawing about 15 psi water press. At 5700 rpms WOT. I have the motor as high as I can get it without going to the last set of mounting holes.

The struggle… 55 mph max gps with two people, full gas, live wells filled… everyone else seems to be in the mid 60s to 70s with similar set up/boat.

I don’t know if I need to go to a 25/26 prop, or get it higher/lower???

I have a great hole shot with no top end…. HELP!!

Joseph Benton


Don’t be so concerned with jacking the engine up. You are probably too high by a long shot. I would lower the engine about an inch and try to find a Trophy 4 Blade with 23 – 24 inches of pitch. I’m thinking your boat is not lifting the extra blade will help.




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Mark C.


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