Pitot Tube Location

Hey Randy thanks for replying to my earlier questions. I got the Vector rigged finally. I was in the process of setting the engine height and my skeg broke-off. I blew-out and ended up on the bank. Banged up the bottom pretty bad. Anyway I de-rigged the whole boat and am having Plum Crazy patch it up. I mounted a Speedo in the dash not thinking I was going to have to mount the Pitot tube. Where would you recommend mounting it. I was thinking just off center towards the STBD side. Can these things disrupt the water to the prop? I'd hate to put it on if there's a chance this thing will make the prop blow-out.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Dagsaan / Vamp
New Orleans, La.
1984 Vector
1992 2.5



Good thing your OK! This just shows how important it is to keep an eye on the skeg and prop for cracks and such. Mount the speedo pitot on the starboard side but keep it at least 10 inches from the centerline. If it is too close to the center it will cause a trail of air to upset the prop efficiency. The pitot could cause the prop to blow-out if it's too close. Anyway, if the gearcase/skeg shape is good, blow-out should not occur.

Good luck and be safe!




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Mark C.


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