Slow Vegas

I am running a 90 Vegas XT w/ a Rude 200xp with 6 in. of setback and bobs cone w/ hot foot and steering trim. Its got a 24 Raker and am running mid to low 70s gps. Its a long time getting it to kite and a slow process reaching top speed - after that what kind of prop should I be looking for and what mods should I be looking for - was cool at first but now I donít like getting beat, love the boat though and see its potential.

- traxxas815



Sounds like you may be running your motor too high.  This would account for the lack of lift.  May be as simple as a bad propeller.  I would suggest getting a 26 chopper or a 27 SRX.  Try these and see if it improves.  You should be running in the low 80's already.  Put the propshaft at 1 3/4 inches below the pad to start.  This height will be good to 90 MPH.  If you are not at this engine height presently, try it with your 24 Raker.  Most 24 Rakers actually measure in the high 25-26 range.  If it is a good propeller, it should still run 80.  Let me know how it works. 




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Mark C.


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