The I.H.R. is pleased and excited to announce the installment of "Tech Talk" with Randy Pierson.  Because this website does not have a message board, providing specific information on setup, rigging, etc. has not been possible due to the infinite variations of equipment and influencing factors out there.

Randy has the experience and expertise (for more information, check out the recent Feature Article on Dave Casper's ProMax project) needed to fill this void and is willing to help out fellow boaters with their questions, whether it is help setting up their HydroStream properly, rigging, modifications to make to their motor, etc.  I consider Randy one of the very top HydroStream setup guys and V-bottom drivers in the country as well as a top engine builder.  Following is Randy's introduction to us:


Hello fellow performance boaters: 

Here is a brief bio on myself, and why we are doing Tech Talk. 

 My name is Randy Pierson and I reside in Avon, Minnesota.  I run a performance boat shop called Gran Prix International (GPI), “international: because we do some stuff for people in Europe and South Africa.  We build motors and do custom set ups and boating projects that are not the norm for the average dealer.  I have raced boats on and off for 22 years.  Lately I only race if I get paid to do it; I am tired of spending a lot of money just to go racing.  The last year I raced was 2000, where I ran a 16 ft. 2 in. Burgess with a S-3000 Merc (F1).  We won every race that we finished, broke down in two, one with a broken prop blade, the other a bad rollover switch.  Our shop does about 30 – 40 projects per year, from simple boat set ups to major custom rigs. 

During each day I receive calls from around the country on projects that people are doing—looking for advice, parts, recommendations or “have you ever done that”.  Which brings us here—Mark, Dave, and I thought the International HydroStream Registry website would be a good place to ask and share information on projects that people have.  I’ve agreed to answer the questions like I do at our shop.  They will be based on my experience and what I would do if it were my boat.  I’ll try to explain the best step for the buck, etc.  This is not a ploy to sell more parts or services.  We are pretty busy as it is and the time to respond may be limited.  It will be our way of meeting and helping fellow boaters, as we are all kind of a big family.  Some may not agree with my answers but it is my opinion only.  What I think may not be what everybody else thinks.  But hopefully it will be of some benefit to most.  Thanks for letting me explain a little and lets see where this goes.


Please submit whatever questions you have to  All questions and answers selected will be displayed on this page as they come in.  Note: though all boaters are welcome, priority may be given to I.H.R. members.

Mark C.

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