Prop & Jackplate for V-King/Merc 140

Hi Randy, I've been reading some of your articles and they’re great. I recently purchased a 1984 v-king with a 140 merc on it. It has no prop and I’m wondering what would be an all around good one? It has a manual 4.5 setback-jackplate on it. I would like to convert it to hydraulic. Any info would be greatly appreciated as I can see you know your Hydro's. Thanks   mecanic



    With the limited power you have, a hydraulic would not do anything, but take your money. A 140 on a V-King is going to want to have the propshaft about 3 1/2 inches below the pad, otherwise it will not carry the bow. As far as the prop goes, I would try a 22 Laser II, this will give you a good overall performance package. 

    Boat speed would be in the mid 60's. Try those numbers for starters and see where that takes you, but save your money on the jackplate, as someday I think you will want to put a V-6 on. 




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Mark C.


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