V-King/Merc 3.0

Hello Randy!

My name is Ryan I live in Ont. Canada.  I just recently found the Hydrostream club and web site. My question is about my V-king and set up. I'm currently running a stock 94 3.0 255 merc with a 27 pitch laser 2 prop and a stock lower unit. I have the motor set back 4 1/2 in. on an adjustable jack plate. The boat gets real hairy at high speeds 70 to 80 and I don't know if it's because the lower unit is to long and I may have to try raising the engine up and play with height, or should I just look for a smaller lower unit for the 3.0. I can't really take it past 3/4 speed right now too crazy!! I'm new at this still but am very willing to learn. I also thought about a different prop but it all costs money!! If you know anyone selling a suitable prop to fit my needs or lower unit for the right price that would be great. Or if there is any way to fix my problem with little or no mods (just playing with motor height) let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




    The 3 litre motor on a V-King is quite the animal. That 500 lb motor on any amount of setback is going to severely affect the handling. Awhile back, I did a 3 litre OMC on a V-king. When we were done with that boat, it seemed to work fairly well. Following that pattern, here is what I would do. Try to find a set of firm or solid motor mounts for your 225. I would have to check the part numbers, but it is possible the 250 XB runs firmer motor mounts. If they are, you could use those as any improvement would help. Make sure your steering has all the slack removed and that you are running a torque tab on the skeg. To start with, put the prop shaft center line at about 2 inches below the bottom. This will get you a starting point. On the OMC project, we tried to remove as much weight from the tail as we could. We mounted the battery ahead of the forward bulkhead (footbrace) to try to rebalance the boat. This worked extremely well in taming the boat down. Not only did we remove 50 lbs. from the tail, but we placed it 13 feet forward and made the boat think that the motor was further ahead in the process. This will take some long battery cables and some workmanship, but the end result is exactly what you are looking for. Try these things first and see if it tames your ride down. Let me know of your progress.




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Mark C.


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