Valero YT Setback

I recently purchased a 1988 Valero YT, open bow, with an 85 model Evinrude 235 engine.  I got a good deal on the package due to the fact the engine has a bad piston.  I am not the biggest fan of OMC products but plan on repairing what I have to get me on the water ASAP.  I have a couple of questions.  First, what is your recommendation on the amount of jackplate offset you should have with this package.  I measured the current jackplate offset and got approx. 9" between the transom and the motor bracket. This seems to me to be a lot of offset, not to mention a lot of strain on the transom.  Since the engine was damaged I was unable to test drive the boat. I knew the past owner and he said the boat would run around 80 to 85 mph. I am not looking for strictly top speed since the boat will be used to pull skiers as well.  Also, do you have any OMC parts suppliers/dealers you would recommend?  I will be needing pistons rings gaskets etc...  I recently signed up to the registry and just wanted to say the website is great!

Shane Barron
Auburn Alabama



I, myself, owned a Valero YT bowrider in 1987. Had a 225 Yamaha on it at the time. My best friend had the same boat with a Johnson GT on it. So my recommendations are going to be based on all the testing that we did. I found the best overall setback at about 7 inches. Because of the bowrider area, I don't think the 9 inch jackplate will hurt you. I tried 9 inches back then, no gain - no loss. 80 - 85 mph is almost exactly what our boats used to run. I would try to run a 27 pitch OMC SRX and have a lot of roll put in the leading edge. This will give you a great hole shot for pulling skiers and the top end that you are looking for. Sit the prop shaft centerline around 1 1/4 inch below the pad and that should put you right in the game. I get most of my OMC parts from Pro Marine in Bradenton, FL. Their phone number is:  1-800-621-7761. These guys have virtually everything and are really great to work with. Good luck with your project and don't give up on the OMC yet.




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Mark C.


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