Valero YT/Merc 2.5 200 Setup


I am a long time fan of the Web site, but unfortunately have not taken the time to register yet.

I am coming up on the fifth summer of owning a 1989 Valero YT with a 1995 Mercury 2.5 200 carb motor.  Over the past few years I have gradually gone to the following mild mods from the stock engine.

  Solid motor mounts (all four)

  Square tipped reed blocks with Boyesen fiber dual stage reeds

  Re-jetted to one size larger main jet over stock.

  G-force blueprinted heads (but still for premium un-leaded fuel).

  G-force tuner

  Removed the bucket, and drilled 6 - 1/2" holes.

  25 degree timing, with high RPM retard disabled.

  CLE gear-case with LWP

  CMC Hydraulic jack-plate, 7 1/2" set-back - 1" below pad

  28 pitch Merc big-eared chopper

The boat seems to run in the low 80's on GPS at about 6500 RPM.

My questions are do these performance numbers seem about right? What other options do I have without building a grenade?  I have been considering putting "louvers" in my cowl - what do these typically buy? Internet chatter seems to say that the Bob's nose cone is a better option, although some engineers I have talked to from Merc's hydrodynamics group don't agree.  They seem to think that the CLE is fine at the boat speeds I am running. (I suppose I should expect to here this when comparing something aftermarket).

Any advice is appreciated!





Your numbers are right on target. We rigged a similar Valero last summer with the same results. One difference though, we tried some gearcases and yes, the Bob's coned case is faster and better than the CLE. The CLE was not designed for your type of boat but rather an offshore boat with multiples in mind. Your first mod should be to send your case down to Bob's (as they are the only ones who will cone a CLE) for the conversion. You will see improved performance of a few MPH and better handling but the best is the weight carrying ability. The only other thing to gain would be to port your block and adapter plate as you about done everything else up to that point. But that is big bucks so be committed if you choose to do that. 




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Mark C.


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