Vector/Merc 200 Setup


While not new to boating, I am new to this type of boating but have really enjoyed your web site and responses to questions.  You are indeed so knowledgeable. 

I recently purchased a 79 Vector with a 200 merc, transom adjustable jack, and foot pedal.  I would like some simple recommendations as to where I should start with my prop shaft height as it relates to the bottom of the boat.  Be advised I also use this boat to ski and would like a happy medium if there is a trade off for speed and skiing functions.  A diagram as to how that works would be great as I have not seen one on the web site. I.e.  Higher the prop the faster, lower prop more drag and some basic how to settings for the beginner like me. 

Thanks in advance for you reply. 




Thanks for the compliments. All I can say is I try to answer them as though they are standing next to me. A Vector with a 200 is a fun boat. I've done several and they all have a personality of their own. I found that if I bolted the motor to the transom but in the 5th hole ( 2 3/4 up) that was the best overall. The boat would go 90ish and not handle too bad. It was still a tricky boat. It's been at least 5 years since I did the last one and we have so many new good props now. I believe a prop that went fairly fast and skied could be found without too much compromise. Your idea for the diagram is good. If there weren't so many variables I think it would be fairly simple. I'll think on this and try to come up with something to post that would actually work. For now start with the motor at the 2 3/4 inch off the transom setting and get a (believe it or not) 26 pitch SMALL HUB laser 2 Merc prop. This prop is made for the 125 and 115 engines. Put it on your 200 and because you are fairly deep it will shock you how hard it accelerates. Here's the good part, it will run within a few mph of the best race props. The boat will feel like a drag boat but pull skiers all day long. Make sure you have a foot throttle and dual cable steering with solid mounts. Without them it will be like driving your car over a plowed field with a rubber band for a steering wheel.  

                                                    This should get you started. 




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Mark C.


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