Vector Bottom Coming Apart

Hey randy, while out playin I noticed my vector had a lean to it, then I noticed it was taking on water, upon my surprise, I looked at the underside and found a sheet of glass missing and one of the chimes or strakes, not sure what ya call em, this boat has always been garage kept, and is solid as a rock, what do I do now, can this be repaired with success, I am enclosing 3 pics of the bottom, this really sucks, is this a hydrostream issue, I have been boating for many years and havenít seen this before, the floor is rock solid, the foam strake or chime is dry so I donít believe its a water logged concern, did hydrostream build some bad hulls? If this is a hydrostream concern, are they doing anything to help out the boat owner? 





Sorry to see your boat delaminating.  We have had a few boats do this ourselves.  It is sometimes caused by the boat flexing in this area.  Before repairing this, you need to make sure that the hull is structurally sound.  Hydrostreams are made with a balsa core and it is prone to absorbing water and rotting from the inside out.  Based on your pictures, this boat can be repaired, but be prepared as the job is going to be huge.  If the core is rotten, huge is not a big enough word, but the boat could still be repaired.  You would just need to repair the core first before doing the outside laminate.  Depending on your expertise with fiberglass, you might want to check with some local repair shops.  Get some quotes and decide if you want to tackle it yourself.  I would think your estimates would be up to $2,000 or so if the core material was "ok".  If the core is rotten or soft, be prepared for the worst.  Not to depress you with costs, just remember that most shops charge $60+/hour.  Fiberglass work is not all that complicated, just extremely time consuming.  I always tell guys that ask me about fiberglassing, the nice thing about working with fiberglass is whatever you mess up, you can fix with more fiberglass.  So donít be discouraged about doing it yourself, just have patience. 




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Mark C.


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