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Hi Randy 

I just read that you recommended Tim ( Canada ) to mount his 2.4 to the transom on his 78 Vector rather than use a jack plate.  I have an 85 Vector w/an 85 115 ran 64-65 mph last season.  Installed a merc marine manual plate this season and with the extra setback and the ability to tune in the engine height I am now running 68-69 mph. I plan on upgrading to a 2.5 for next season; do you recommend I eliminate the jack plate? 

In the past I had an 86 Vector with an 86 200 that ran 88-89 mph (only blew it over once) that boat had a hydraulic jack plate. I was satisfied with the way it performed, but maybe I didnít know any better.  I always thought it was better to have the ability to change engine height for best performance available. 

Thanx for any input you may have. 

Paul Hathaway (MA)



The plate and set back work with the small motor because you have no horsepower to speak of. As you add power you need less setback. Balance is the most important thing. By balance I mean power, thrust, prop lift, weight distribution and many other factors. I've done a 200 on a vector that ran high 90's. The fact yours blew over tells me that the balance was not, shall we say, optimum. The 2.5 is going to be more picky yet. Having the battery, the gas tank, and now the motor set back on a boat with really a 15 foot bottom is never going to be as good as a balanced one. The engine height thing I hear daily. My personal "fishing boat" goes over 110 every time it hits the water. Doesn't matter if one person or two. I never NEED to mess with engine height. My point is with your combo find the sweet spot and work with it. With a lot of power the boat will like the masses close together. 

        Hope this explains what I feel is a big key to overall performance........................Randy 

      P.S. Just read my reply and I don't want you to think I'm picking your message apart. It's got to be my writing style or something ['re fine - MC]. Try and get a short shaft 2.5 if you can. Did a V-king with one and the results are so good. With the 2.5 on your vector you will have a rocket ride with just about any set up. A shorty on the transom would handle much better above 100.



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Mark C.


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