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Hello, I have a 1982 vector with a Johnson 200, Bobs jackplate 5 1/2 setback, running a 24 raker prop, I also have a 28 merc big ear chopper (hubbed OMC) and a 24 big ear chopper with a cup. What I would like to know is where to set my jackplate for proper propshaft location? I donít have a lwp yet, right now its about 3 1/2 to 4" below the pad, its a concave pad and I am measuring from rite under the drain plug, my water pressure is 5 at idle and goes past 15 wot, I can turn any of these props 6000 rpm easy, the boat chines pretty bad if I donít have 1 passenger in the front and 1 in the back, its very hard to drive alone, I do have dual steering with all the play removed and my motor mounts are very tight, hopefully its in the set up than can be corrected so I can drive it by myself or with a copilot, the boat has a 12 gallon fuel tank in the bow, but I put a 6 gallon tank in the rear on the passenger side and the battery is on the drivers side (in the rear) the boat doesnít handle any different when the bow tank is empty, other than better holeshot, this is a beauty of a vector and want to run with the big dogs, the raker lets the boat get up on its pad, but gets squirrley soon after, I noticed with 2 extra people in the boat its doesnít start to drive bad till 70mph, I ran the 28 and it seemed that it wouldnít carry the bow, a lot of the bottom was wet, instead of just the rear portion, I couldnít feel the hull get up on its pad either, your help would be greatly appreciated, 

Thank You in advance




1982 200's had a very short gearcase.  This may explain why the raker runs better than the choppers.  A Bob's style nosecone will get rid of a lot of the problems that the choppers are experiencing.  The raker's exhaust tube is hiding some of the gearcase's problems.  This is why it seems to have more lift.  You should try running a noseconed gearcase at 1 1/2 inches below the bottom.  The choppers will work better at this height and the boat should drive much better.  Chine walk will always be worse when the boat is lightly loaded, but it is faster. Your water pressure numbers seem ok.  I would move to a coned case and take this boat to the next level.  Hope this gets you to where you want to be. 




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