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Hi Randy  

 I am glad to find someone that knows these Hydrostreams. I am usually on my own when it comes to setting up my boats. I have a 1983 Vector that I have lake raced for years - I love this thing! I started out with a 1970 Checkmate with no pad with a 150 inline Merc on a homemade jackplate, it would run 70 and was a chine walkin bronco, but I wanted more. My Stream has a 1978 2.4 formula offshore motor with land & sea big bore carbs, cross flow manifold, 14 port reed cages with 2 stage Boysen reeds, Aluminum fly wheel, heads are supposed to be factory hi compression, open offshore exhaust, Sportmaster gearcase, nitrous oxide. One of the pistons came apart and damaged the original block that I will repair someday (is this block something special it has a serial no. that mercury can't trace. It has some pink paint on it. This motor supposedly was not supposed to leave the factory). I came across a 200 that is supposed to be professionally ported and swapped all the goodies to it. Can you give me any kind of power guess? This motor is on an L&S jackplate with only a few inches of set back. I have seen where you recommend mounting on the transom. I am sure you know best but I hate losing my jackplate. Please give me your opinion. The boat runs straight and stable but can get wild if not careful. Battery and 12 gallon gas tank in back I am currently using an OMC 28 pitch mach II prop it runs 83 mph at 7000 rpm. Very disappointing. It originally had a 30 Hoss triton prop but was stolen. It seemed to love this prop - can't say speed for sure because it would raise a ten inch speedo pickup out of the water. I have put it on some fast V- drives before that tormented other outboard setups. I have seen recommendations of chopper props on streams under 200hp and cleavers at over 200hp what are your thoughts? Please tell me what prop you would use on this setup (cleaver, chopper and what brand and pitch/diameter). What speeds am I capable of? I know I have thrown a lot at you but I think you are the guy that knows his stuff and I really would appreciate your recommendations.

I am currently stationed in the desert with the U.S. Airforce and am eager to get home and play. Almost forgot, I am looking for the right exhaust tuner for this motor what do you recommend?

Thank you very much, Marty Edester



Sounds like your rig is pretty decent. Your new 200 could make anywhere from 200 to 260 hp. How it's ported would determine that. Based on the numbers that you are running, I 'd say it's pretty stock. You would have to remove the heads and measure the porting to be sure. A stock 200 2.4 responds good to a set of stock 2 litre 150xR2 heads. They are good for an easy 10 hp. A cross-ported manifold is a nice addition.

I would say your prop is the major factor in your limited speed. I'd try a 30" cleaver from Mazco or Mercury to start. The Hoss Tritons are good for your Vector too. I would expect a good prop to push you to the 90 mph range. Try and find a good 30" wheel (cleaver or Hoss) and start there. The rest of your setup is good, so work on that first. Expect to pay $500+. Beware that cheap props are just that, cheap. Spend some $ on a good one from a good shop that will work with you. Then watch the speed come.




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Mark C.


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