Vegas XT/Merc 200 Setup

Hello Randy,

I have a 20' Hydrostream Vegas XT with a 200 Merc, nosecone, & Powerlift. I ran a 28" Spinelli chopper big ear on it last summer but one of the blades snapped. What is the best performance propeller you would recommend for it? Is it the Spinelli DR4 and what pitch would I want to go with? Thanks a lot in advance. Bob D.

Bob D.:

 Iíve had good Spinelli props and not so good ones.  Nothing against them, as Iíve had good and bad props from everybody.  Mike Spinelli can only build a prop based on the information given to him.  Iíve found that the bad props are bad because of poor communication between the prop technician and the boat owner.  Anyway, would a DR4 work?  The only way to find out is to try it.  Iíve never put one on an XT.  Last year we ran an XT with the same power and set back, ran 10 props, and believe it or not, there was 16 mph (yes 16) between props.  The following are the things the XT told us.  It likes big blade area props, the fastest ones were chopper style.  Generally four blades were slower but consistent to trim or height (basically didnít care where they were run).  Four blades tend to lift the tail unless run excessively high on transom.  We found a good three blade could run deeper with more punch because of it and was faster all around.  So what would I buy?  If I bought a Spinelli wheel, I would ask for a 28 in. big blade (area not diameter) with a light cup.  Blade area is more important than cup.  Too much cup only slows you down, no exceptions.  That or a 14Ĺ in. x 28 in. Chopper II, Mazco RE, or anything similar.  OMC RX props have less blade area so they tend to be fast with a light load but not with a full load.  Without sounding matter of fact, this is only the tip of the iceburg, but I think it will get you in the right direction.


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Mark C.

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