Nosecone or not for Vegas V?

Hi Randy,

Thanks again for the information you have provided me in the past.  I have an 84 Vegas V with a 2.4 Mariner 200.  Now that I have been driving my Vegas in the upper 70's (and getting faster as time goes on) for a while, I have started wondering at what point a nosecone may or may not benefit me.  I have researched the IHR website and Scream and Fly website for a while and everyone seems to have a different idea.  From what I gather at the high 70's to low 80's you should install a nosecone.  So I am at a loss on trying to figure this one out on my own.  I have all the basic setup things that you have mentioned already done.  I have 6 inch setback, solid mounts, and a 28 pitch chopper that has light cup in it (I have been working with the local prop guy to tune it to my boat).  Also has a torque tab.  When I bring the motor up to where it drives good and the rpm's are around 6,000 I start to lose water pressure (sometimes around 12psi).  I do have the top 3 holes plugged on my gearcase to help this out.  If I lower it to get more water pressure (up to 25psi at times) then the boat feels sluggish and loses top end speed and rpms.  My primary use of this boat is just a fast lake/river cruiser, usually just me on board.  Also I have plenty of bow lift no matter if the engine is high or low.  I am not really worried about spending money, just looking to see if it is a worthwhile performance gain.  So my question to you is a nosecone worth installing on this rig or not?  Thanks again.

Nicholas Green
IHR member



You are about due for a cone. While that will cost money, you have graduated so give yourself an “at-a-boy”. Dave Casper just did an article on the cone he had Titus ( install and I would do the same for yours. You will get nothing but benefits at the speeds you are running. You will probably drive it even better and go faster.




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Mark C.


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