Virage/300 ProMax Setup

I recently purchased a 1990 Virage turbo, I also purchased a 1999 300 promax for the stern and was hoping you could help me out. I want to use the boat for an all around boat as well as a speed king. I plan to have a few different props (speed, towing, and a compromise between the two). My hope is that you can give me some advice. I assume that set back will be the same as you recommended Ron (7"-8") - what about the lower unit brand and gear ratio? The best props for my intended use? Would you recommend hydraulic steering? What about reinforcing the transom? Any particular brand or type of hydraulic jackplate that you have found to work better? There are probably a ton of things  I forgot to ask so please feel free to enlighten me about anything else you think I should consider when rigging up my Virage. Thanx.
                              Jared Bright



First off, a 300 on the Virage is going to be a hard boat to balance. 7 - 8" of setback is way too much. The motor you have is heavy, 2 1/2 + 4" maximum. Too far back and the boat will have handling problems. If you find you need a lot of set-back, your setup needs work. A Sportmaster with a 1:75 to 1 ratio would be ideal, but most likely you have the 1:62 ratio. Hydraulic steering would work, but it is a little harder to control the chinewalk with it. I hate hydraulic plates because of the fact sooner or later, they leak down. All boats and setups have a sweetspot or magic spot, so to speak. Hydraulic plates tend to leave you fiddling all the time and not running at the best spot. I know, people say they help you find the best spot. I say manual ones do exactly the same and now you can spend the extra money on props or gauges. If you keep the set-back reasonable, the transom should be more than strong enough. We have been using 26-27 and 28" trophy 4 blade props on most 3 litre setups. They get on plane and run as fast as most any prop. The Bravo I - 4 blade props work good also, but need 1" plus vent hole drilled in to come on plane. A car-plate planing device will be a requirement to keep the boat from running bow high on take-off. This should get you going.




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Mark C.


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