Merc 800 on a Voo-doo?


I'm wondering what your opinions / impressions would be of running an older 80hp Merc on a Voodoo? When I say "older", I mean the 1961 ancestor to the tower of power. Mine is restored and uses the exact same lower units as the later towers (or for that matter the 3 and 4 cylinder 70 and 80).  Now for the questions.

It weighs about 25lbs more than the 4 cylinder 80, or about 50 more than 3 cylinder 70.  Would I need to worry about that? Would putting fuel or battery in the bow area help offset it and be safer? How would you set this up and prop it? My objective (of course) is to get *all* the speed possible out of the old Merc without blowing the Voodoo over. The Merc can run at 6000rpm or so.  My lake has little in the way of hot boats, this thing could be "King of the Lake" if I do it right.... LOL


PS: As for the guy with the 115 ignition problems - it can't be the stator on that year - the CDI was battery fired. Switchbox or trigger.  I spend over an hour a day answering Tower questions - LOL.



Why mess around with the old 800?? Find a short shaft 110, 115 or 125 or even 150 inline and have some real fun. An older short shaft inline 6 should be easy and maybe some "retired" J-Production props of the 24-28 pitch variety. The 80 hp with it's small port wouldn't be all that much fun for the effort required to make it go. We put a 115 shorty on a Vixen about 10 years ago and it would run over 80 and punched like a V-6. Tons of fun. Bolt a short shaft on the transom, find a cleaver prop or an old 2-blade J-P class prop and let it rock!


P.S. Considering the info I get on some of these questions, I find it amazing to come up with spot on engine diagnosis'.



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Mark C.


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