Voo-doo  Prop

Hi guys, I have another question for you. I finally ran my voodoo with an 83 70hp merc. The motor is mounted flat on the transom. The problem I have with it is, just as it starts to breaks onto plane the prop cavitates. If I rev it and lean over the front I can get it on plane and eventually get the prop to bite. I am going to run a 19p aluminum this year, will some added cup help this, if so do you add the cup to the leading edge or tip (maybe both).

If you have any ideas Iím all ears as nobody around here has any suggestions (other than shortening the transom!).

PS: the gear case has 1.83 gears.

 Best regards Brock C.



Stick with the set-up that you have, but maybe add a planing plate to the cavitation plate.  Adding cup to the tip and de-pitching the leading edge will solve the other problem and add a few mph. By de-pitching, I mean to "roll" the leading edge. This makes the prop have a more progressive profile.




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Mark C.


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