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I have an 82 Voyager. It looks like we will probably go with a 225 EFI mostly because of weight and have questions to the reliability of a high perf motor. Have had to do a lot of work to get the boat close to having a motor bolted on. Replaced the steering, stiffen up the transom -- it had some cracks showing in both corners so I put a 1/4" plate on the outside, an upper and lower plate on the inside along with 2 knee braces and braces in the corners on both sides. No sign of rot in the transom. Had to replace 4' of floor in the back and 4' in front of the driver and passenger seats. Some of the wood in the seats was just gone but the vinyl was in great shape for a 20 year old boat. How much set back should I use? A guess on where to start with a prop would also help. There are 2 pieces of aluminum angle on the side of the pad. Are these supposed to be there or did someone put these on that couldn't drive the boat? Might have a line on a 2.5 from Jaco's but how reliable are these motors or will I have to work on it more than I will be running it. I have a lot of experience with bass boats but not Hydrostreams other than driving a friends HST with a 2.4. If you could send me your number so I could talk to you directly that would be great. Thank you for any help.

Rick Balla



Sounds like you've done most of the hard work already. Don't take the aluminum strips off as they help the boat break free from the drag forces under the boat. I don't know exactly which 225 you were choosing, the 3 litre or the 225X. With both engines, I would run a 25 pitch Merc trophy plus four blade propeller. The 3 litre motor, being heavier, I would only run 6 inches setback at the maximum. The 225X can run up to 8 or 9 inches. It doesn't seem to matter much as I have tried pretty much everything from 6 to 10. It seems that the closer you get to 10 inches, for what little bow lift you gain, the tradeoff is a very stern heavy boat. I would not recommend the 2.5 EFI on the Voyager as the very minor performance difference is not worth the aggravation of the 2.5's running quality. If you would like to talk in more detail, check out our web site at, and you will be able to email me direct, if not you may call 320-356-9068 during most business hours. But I will be honest with you and say that during the winter, I come and go a lot, so you may not be able to catch me. Don't be discouraged, just try again later. You may also try 320-267-0440, which I do have a voicemail on. I hope this helps in your Voyager project and feel free to drop me a line if you have any more questions.




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Mark C.


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