Voyager/Yamaha 225 Setup

Hi Randy:

This is Bill in Highland Mi. I just bought an 88 Voyager with a 91 225 Yamaha. The overall appearance of the boat and engine indicates it was stored inside and was not run hard. This is my first Hydrostream but have had several Checkmates. I'm an experienced (very subjective term) performance boater. After reading some of your suggestions and advice about hydrostream "setups" i.e.; prop recommendations, etc, hopefully you will have time to give me your spin on what I will need, to have a very aggressive low end, hole shot, setup. I realize Iíll be giving up some "big end" numbers but like the "rollout"
from 15 mph reaction, response.
Here's the setup at present:
Yamaha 225 (stock)
CMC pl65 jack plate, engine in the 3rd hole down.
Stock prop (will only be used as a spare)
The engine was "dyno'd" prior to me buying it. 1800 psi at 5200 rpm. Note: I'm one of those guys that still "reads plugs" ( from my drag racing days).
From an article in the FAQ section, you talked about a similar setup and recommended a 13 1/2 x 26 Merc Laser 2. prop. The splines must not be a problem .!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your time and am looking forward to some "guidance" and some fun strapping it on some Eliminators and Donzy's this summer.
Do you have any suggestions where to purchase specialty props ???????




I'll keep this short since we talked on the phone a couple weeks ago. You have the 26 laser 2 prop now and I'm sure you found it works great. The rev limit wire we had you disconnect should not make the tach quit working. (For other readers Yamaha has a rev limit wire hanging out of the bottom of the CDI box. You split it and no more limiter.) I did a Yamaha on a bassboat Monday and the tach worked fine. I called Yamaha on your problem and I think I knew more about it than they did. I was assured I'd get a call back with the answer. I'm still waiting... They didn't know if it was supposed to be that way or if maybe your CDI box was goofy. Me, not having the serial and exact model # didn't help. Hopefully I can give you an answer soon.

How has your first test gone? Were our predictions right?  Fill in the blanks for us and we can talk about whatís next.




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Mark C.


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