Vulture and Viper Questions


First off, thanks a ton for all of the great information you have posted on the International Hydrostream Registry, it has been very helpful.

My dad has owned a Hydrostream Viper since the late '70s, and I recently acquired a 1977 Hydrostream Vulture. Both boats are in need of restoration. The Vulture will need a new transom, a "blue print" of the bottom, a new paint job, a new interior and some POWER. The Viper will only need a new interior and a new paint job (possibly a new floor). We would both like to have "metal flake" paint for our boats. Who would you recommend to perform these restorations, do you have an interior guy that you always go to, or a paint guy, etc.? Preferably someone with experience working on Hydrostreams.

Both boats are in the Minneapolis area, but we are not afraid of hauling them anywhere to get the job done right. And don't worry, I'm planning on coming to you for the new power when the time comes (hopefully this fall or next spring).

Also, do you have any recommendations for modifications that I can make to the Vulture while the fiberglass work is being done? I was planning on having knee braces installed, but is there anything else that I should consider, i.e. adding setback?  I plan on using the Vulture for all around purposes like cruising and waterskiing, but I would like to be able to go fast, around 90 mph, as well.

I realize these are some open ended questions, but right now I am just trying to gather as much information as possible and find the right people to do the job. Any advice that you have would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks again,
Mark Paulson



We have done quite a few "restorations" in our shop over the years. I have a local gal that runs a shop called Pro Designs to do all our upholstery. She does top notch work for a fraction of the cost of anyone I've found in the Midwest. Most of the Paint and prep I've jobbed out to again a local shop. I can keep an eye on the job and tell them what I want as it is worked on. Don't worry about setback and such now as that totally depends on the power you use. And it will take a ton to go 90MPH. The cost of the engine and set-up will almost double if you go from an 75-80mph goal and move to a 90+mph goal. Most places when asked to do blueprinting just screw it up so we have just done our own. It takes time and patience to get it right and most shops don't have the time. This is why we only do that in the winter. I can charge less per hour and do a better job as it is our "slow" time. If time is not the first priority you should be very happy with your project. Experience says that this time of year is not the best to get your rigs done cost effectively - unless you do most of the work. Hope this gets you thinking and feel free to call for info on the interior and paint guys I've used. Depending on the present condition I can give you an idea what to expect for pricing.




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Mark C.


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