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Love your column! Have re-learned a lot, and learned even more. Your earlier prop advice for my Vasserete was right on the money. The boat came with a trophy plus, and I tried a friendís tempest.

But it seems that I can't swing all the pitch. The trophy is a small hub, 23p and tachs at 6k. I can hit the limiter, so the tach is fairly accurate. The tempest is also a 23, and I have to really go up with the plate to tach out. Iíve got a 24p merc chopper, and Iíve not tried this yet. Am I just not airing out enough? Or maybe a set up problem? My buddy's got a Vasserete, made in the same month, running an older engine, but similar hp, and we're dead even. My brother in law's GPS says 64mph. He says he goes 70ish.what do you think we should be getting top speed? I've read thru my prop book twice, but it would be nice to have some hands on advice.

Thanks again.

Keep up the good work!



You bring up a good point about airing it out. I find that I can sometimes go much faster than the boat owner can. Not because he's a bad driver, but because I drive 10 boats a day for the last 20 years. It's very easy for me to find the EDGE. Back to your boat. Try the chopper and see how close it gets you to 70 mph. Some props are faster but if the boat is hard to drive for the boat owner then we have to find a better combo. I think if you gave me bow lift, chine walk, speed and rpm numbers from the three combo's, I could steer you to the next level. Ultimately the YT can go real fast but it has a "lop zone" (a "dead zone" or an area that not much happens for all you put in to it). The YT hull has a spot from 70 to 80 that takes a lot of horsepower and set up to break through. Lets get you to the zone and then we can work on going through it.
Let me know the numbers.




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Mark C.


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