Valero XT Factory Test Footage
Contributed by Sam Baker, this video was sent to Ron Baker by Howard Pipkorn. It is footage of one of the very first production Valero YTs (initially called a Valero XT in the video). May 27, 1985.
  Family J Class Footage (later became J Production) - Venturas
Another video from Sam Baker. Circa 1974 - 1975. Probably Joliet, IL. Several HydroStream Venturas, an Allison and a Tunnel (Possibly a Kitson). Ron Baker is in the Black Ventura #49. Larry Guimond is in the Blue Ventura.
Phil Dagsaan's '79 Vamp
Sal Gennuso's '80 Viking
First time out.
Louie Chula's C.E. Valero with Mercury XR2 150
With music!
            HydroStream Valero vs Charger DL. Charger says he won. Stream says he won. You be the judge!
CThomas9.jpg (24098 bytes) Chris Thomas' '87 Venus XT with Mercury 225 ProMax
This Venus is a rocket as shown by its 94+ MPH run!   
Paul Vaillancourt's '87 Viper
The scenery is the brink of Niagara Falls with the Skylon Tower in the background.
Phil Dagsaan's '84 Vector with Merc 2.5
Mark Booker's '79 Viking with Mercury 150 V6
An early morning run hits 82.3 on GPS.
Glenn Francis' '88 Vision with Merc 175
Ron Pratt's V-King with Merc Bridgeport
One of my all time favorite clips: a rearview shot by a passenger in Alaskan Ron Pratt's Bridgeport EFI powered V-King at 100 MPH. This very engine was eventually sold by Ron to me and run on my V-King for several years. What a sweet motor!
Gary Williams' '77 Vector with Frankenrude
Torching the water at 101 MPH.


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